In a lonely parking garage, young, shy, diminutive Ariel is confronted by four attackers bent on having their way with her and must find a way to survive.

Ariel Parking Garage

In Ariel we get to explore one example of how a person can persevere and prevail against a brutal assault. It also looks at some martial arts concepts that one could apply in just such a situation. In a sense, Ariel is a martial arts film that is not a martial arts film. Rather than being a high spectacle, flashy action film with flurries of punches and kicks and tons of wire work, Ariel takes a smart, subtle look at martial arts technique that while on the surface looks like nothing, the outcome turns out to be devastating upon closer inspection.
Ariel will be produced as an independent study short film project in the Film Style Production class in Austin Community College's Radio, Television and Film Department. It is written, produced and directed by ACC film student John Hidalgo.

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